Tampa Bay Rays Two Pack Home And Away Plastic Cup Regular glassware isn't going to cut it when the Tampa Bay Rays start to become more intense. Bust out this Tampa Bay Rays Two pack Home And Away Plastic Cup set and you'll start to match the energy on the field. Every toast will taste even sweeter when your team starts to own the game! $19.99

From the players union as players would have two in season homes.

Per pack fans can select any four Rays regular home games.

We are always brainstorming ways to get Rays fans to attend another game or two each season.

The Rays are going to explore splitting home games with Montreal in.

For per pack fans can select any four Rays regular home games.

For fans select any four home games to attend.

The Tampa Bay Rays have announced three new ticket packs for the. If buyers select and attend four games that the Rays win they will receive a voucher. As part of a plan they say would keep baseball in the Tampa Bay area long term.

For fans to customize their Rays baseball experience to fit their needs Super Bowl Liv Plastic Table Cover. Under the Rays Win Pack fans select four games and if they pick.

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